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Welcome to Meeiro! The first IDO launchpad on Aptos! - That's the welcome when I visit the project website.

You must have heard about the news around the Aptos ecosystem recently, which is listing Aptos on famous exchanges like Binance, FTX... And with a project built on this ecosystem, this is a project worth looking forward to now.

Let's go through some basic information about the project!

The Meeiro platform is a decentralized IDO launchpad on Aptos. The platform will introduce decentralized fundraising, token staking, and governance voting to the Aptos ecosystem.

The team on the project said "They are giving UI and UX a lot of attention" and if so I think the project will have a great user experience. It's well worth the wait

Wanna know more about Meeiro? Follow me!

1. IDO Launchpad:

The mission is to provide new projects with everything they require to lay a solid foundation for rapid growth and long-term success. The launchpad will be connected to Meeiro Staking. The launchpad will be connected to Meeiro Staking. They designed this launchpad in order to grow our community while rewarding our loyal holders. The more $MEE tokens you stake, the more IDO allocations you will have.

Read more about IDO launchpad here.

2. MEE staking:

MEE holders have the possibility to stake their token into our staking pool to access several benefits: 

- IDO sale

- Governance

Read more about MEE staking here

3. Governance

The Meeiro DAO is to put our community at the center of all decisions. Having a DAO in place will provide a solution to the principal-agent problem.

Read more about Governance here

4. Tokenomics

The $MEE token will be a native Aptos token that is planned to launch in when Aptos Mainnet is live. $MEE will power the entire Meeiro platform and governance. The token supply is fixed at 50,000,000 tokens, meaning the max tokens in circulation will never surpass this amount.

Read more about Tokenomics here

In addition, the project has a roadmap, which you can check here. With a roadmap, you can follow the progress of project work.

This is a great project on Aptos so you shouldn't miss it. By the way, the project is going on the Meeiro Champ Program 🏆. This event helps you get a spot when IDO launch. Don't miss it. You can check about this program on their Medium site here.

With a vision committed to curating and bringing forward the best projects for their community, ensuring that the chosen projects respect Meeiro's set requirements based on their fundamental founding principles of security and transparency.🚀🚀🚀

Thank you for reading! Check other information at the official links below:

🌏 Website - https://meeiro.xyz

🐦 Twitter - https://twitter.com/Meeiro_xyz

📖 Medium - https://medium.com/@meeiro

📁 Docs  -  https://docs.meeiro.xyz/ 

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